Hi, welcome to my site. This is a collection of the works I have been envolved in and few technical videos, free maxscripts and some information about me.

If you have any Freelance Work, Comments, Questions, Requests or just want to chat, please feel free to email me (you will find my email address in the “about” menu).

20.07.2009 Autodesk Best of the Best Show Reel 2009

didnt update the site in ages , link to autodesk Best of the Best Show Reel 2009 , where the shortmovie "this Way Up" appears.Nice to see that a project you have work is in the showreel.

01.04.2009 New Reels

Finally got time to do a new Showreel and two specific ones , one for Character Setup and the other for Tools


27.01.2009 This Way Up Oscar Nomination

Great news! “This Way Up”, short movie done at Nexus Productions and directed By Smith and Foulkes, has been nominated to the Oscars.

Kudos for all the team that work on it.

link to the oscar nominations


27.01.2009 Planet 51

Finally, there is a teaser of "Planet 51", movie done by Ilion and distributed by Sony Pictures.

I worked at Ilion for 6 months in 2005 as a senior character setup, developing the main rig system for the feature. It was a great time, when I learn a lot and I had the luck to work with talented artists as Juan Solis, Daniel Martinez Lara, Javier Molla, Quique Oliva, Daniel Martin Peixe....

link to the official teaser

27.01.2009 More links

I had to update the links section, last time I missed a few friends and workmates.

The new ones are: Alberto Lara, Patrick Krafft, Melanie Climent and Matthieu Bessudo.

14.08.2008 Royal Bank of Canada

Commercial done at Nexus Productions. Directors: Tom and Mark Perret.


14.08.2008 Coke Unity

Commercial done at Nexus Productions. Directors: Smith and Foulkes


12.08.2008 Website Beginning

It´s work in progress. This web site will show some clips of jobs, technical videos and a few scripts, when possible. I hope it won´t take me too long to finish this site...