Project: Character TD reel 2009

Client: Personal Project

please enable the java script for seing the flash movie

Higher resolution mov file : Mp4 MOV file (56mg .right-click and "save target as ")

Breakdown of this Reel:

Point spline Face system

Grand Father of Soul, Keytoon Animation Studios

Coca Cola Unity Beijing Olimpic Games, Nexus Productions

This Way Up, Nexus Productions

Deparment Of Transport Nexus Productions

Unzip Character

Beefy and Lamby , Nexus Productions

Centaur Rig

Coca Cola Avatar Superbowl 2009 ,Nexus Productions

Sharing a Mouth

Orange Share , Nexus Productions

Crab Rig

Disney Channel Summer , Keytoon Animation Studios

Curvy Rig

Zanussi , Nexus Productions

Facial Setup

123 Go Show , Keytoon Animation Studios

RownTrees, Nexus Productions

Coca Cola Avatar , Nexus Productions