This scripts have been done by me during the last year. I learnt as I was creating them, and have been helped by good friends. A lot of these scripts were improvements for the program Workflow that I needed on a daily basis at work and other were requested by workmates. Under the ‘Tools’ category, you can find the most advanced scripts that we normally use under the pipelines that I been developing as a freelancer.

Feel free to install and use these scripts, however I can't be held responsible for any problems that arise from their use. I will try and fix bugs or add features at people request, but I have limited free time.

For any comment, report bug and new script request or new feature in a existing script, please email me, you can find my email address under the ‘About’ section.

installation notes:

All the scripts come packaged into a single rar file , LuigiScripts_v0xx.rar, which includes all the scripts in the rest of the table below.

Uncompress the rar file into your 3dsmax root directory, for example, c:\3dsmax. And run max, the scripts will be in ‘Customize user interface’ under the ‘Luigi’ categories.


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