A few things about me :

I love computer animation and started on this as a hobby while I was at college. I've been lucky to work as a professional CG artist since I was 21.

I lived between Spain and the UK for the past 6 years, working in different projects and meeting great people.

I live in London with my lovely Wife. We both got nice jobs and are enjoying the experience of living in this amazing city. What we miss the most is good weather, but you can´t have everyhing.

Something that I love of my profession is the amount of people you meet, and the talented, creative and passionate they are about their job. A lot of my best friends were workmates before. At the end of the day you spend more time at work than doing anything else, so have a friendly enviroment at work is very important to me.

My family and friends mean a lot to me as well. Many of them live overseas, but we keep in touch and I go and visit them or they come to visit us.


My contact email:

Just type ‘luis’, then add ‘@’ followed by this domain.

I´m sorry for not putting a proper link, but I don’t want to get my email full of spam...